Aircraft types (and tailnumbers) I have flown:

TG-7A Motorglider
While a sophomore at USAFA, I had my first chance at actually flying a plane in the TG-7A motorglider.

TG-4A  (S-233)
I then soloed in a TG-4A after about 10 flights.

t-38.jpg (49284 bytes)

Northrop T-38 Talon
  While on summer assignment at USAFA, I was able to fly a T-38, but mainly as a passenger.

Piper Tomahawk  (PA38-112),  Tailnumbers: N2495A - first solo, cross country

Cessna Skylane (C-152), Tailnumbers: N6144L, N5247P, N6456L - earned Pilot's License, N4901L, N5251Q,  N68208, N5265L, N7412D, N48296, N25065, N757LF

Piper Warrior (PA28-140/160), Tailnumbers: N9807C, N8057P, N8432R, N8234L, N8229H

Cessna Skyhawk (C-172), Tailnumbers: N4844G

Piper Cub (J-3), Tailnumbers: N92483, N70968, N7239H, N25816,

Varga, Tailnumbers: N8297J


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