Utah September 2016

I had a flight test for two weeks at Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah in September 2016.  I managed to visit Mt Timpanogos, outside Salt Lake City, on my first day in town.  The leaves were changing colors, and the mountainsides were beautiful.  I flew my RC airplane with a HD camera for aerial video of the colors.  I also visited Cascade Springs, a neat spot where the waters are always running through a mountain meadow.


After the flight testing was over, I drove to Moab for one day and visited several places nearby that I had never seen before.  It was an overcast dreary day, so the photos are not as bright as I had hoped, but I saw some pretty sites.  I drove out Kane Creek Road, and flew my RC airplane for aerial video in Kane Springs Creek Canyon, and continued the drive all the way to Hurrah Pass.  Then I went back through Moab and across the Colorado River, out along Potash Road, where I hiked out to Corona Arch.  I flew my RC plane for aerial video at the Corona Arch trailhead.  Then I drove to Arches National Park and hiked out to Landscape Arch along the Devils Garden Trail. I hiked up and behind Landscape Arch to Partition Arch. Partition Arch is on the same fin as Landscape Arch.  I then climbed up onto the fin behind Partition Arch, and had a great view looking down at Landscape Arch.