Aiptek Pencam SD 1.3 Megapixel

Aiptek Pencam SD:  This camera is slightly larger than the previous version but has two advantages. It holds removable SD flash memory cards and the imager is rotated 90 degrees. The 4:3 ratio is perfect for the way the camera fits in my AP aircraft.  128 MB of SD memory gives about 350 high resolution images before I have to download.  Here is the Aiptek Pencam SD by itself, and mounted in the Challenger.  I used Mr.RC-Cam's same chip as detailed above and info from the links below to figure out how to wire it into the Pencam SD. 

Note: Wire up the Pencam SD to use the USB power option - I  have not figured out where an active high AWAKE contact point is yet.

   pencam_sd_tn.jpg (2546 bytes)

   pencam_sd_installed_tn.jpg (2422 bytes)

I have been flying this camera since 2006.  It only has a 1.3 MP imager and much better cameras are now available, but it still can be used in small planes with little fear of loss. I have it installed in a F-27 Stryker and take it along to fly it just about anywhere.  Here are some photos from SEFF, Joe Nall, and my home field in Maryland, all taken in 2013.