Aerial Photography of Sparks, Maryland from RC Aircraft

ap_01feb04_01_tn.jpg (6079 bytes)

My neighborhood, just north of Sparks, Maryland.

aerial_25jan04_good_house_tn.jpg (3460 bytes)

aerial_25jan04_driveway_tn.jpg (3413 bytes)

aerial_25jan04_joined_tn.jpg (4762 bytes)

First attempts with the Aiptek and Slow Stick: aerial photos of my house in winter and the driveway and front yard...
and those two photos joined together.

ap_01feb04_05_tn.jpg (4971 bytes)

Looking at I-83 from Sparks Elementary in Sparks, Maryland.

ap_12jun04_01_tn.jpg (4955 bytes)

Looking south along I-83 from over Sparks Elementary, Sparks, Maryland.  12Jun04


ap_12jun04_02_tn.jpg (5679 bytes)

Sparks Elementary, Sparks, Maryland. 12Jun04.