Half-Size Shadow 200 Construction

I built this scale half-size Shadow 200 from the blueprints for the real UAV.   It has the same airfoils on the main wing and cathedral tail.  How does the remote control version compare to the real Shadow?  Here are the main measurements, with pictures of the construction below.

Full-Size SHADOW 200 Half-Size SHADOW RC
Span:  153 in = 12.75 ft 76.5 in
Area:  23.0 sq ft 5.71 sq ft
Mac:  21.65 in  10.75 in
Airfoil:  NACA4415 NACA4415
Cathedral Tail:
Vertex angle: 30 30
Span:  41"  22"
MAC:  15 in  7.5 in
Airfoil:  NACA0012 NACA0012
Length:  62 in = 5.167 ft 32.5 in
Gross weight:  330 lbs 10 lbs
Fuel weight: 51 lbs 14 oz


Here is the initial wing layout.  I used the rib cross section from the full-size Shadow, but the internal wing spar layout is different. 

I used front and back spars with shear webs on the front and back of each spar.

This shows the initial fit of the tail booms into their slots in the main wing.  The left tail boom is a hollow 1/2" carbon fiber tube that holds the wiring for the ele-rudder servos.  The right tail boom is a 1/2" hardwood dowel.

The servos in the wing and tail are all held in place with removable hatch covers.

The main wing has been joined with the tail booms.

I added the cathedral tail to the booms.

The servos in the tail are secured the same as the main wing servos.

This is the completed frame prior to landing gear or any other hardware.

I made the hatch cutouts the same as the real Shadow and added the landing gear.

The engine is an OS .61 with V-Tech (helicopter) tuned pipe, and an 11x7 APC pusher prop.

I fiberglassed the main wing center section and attached the cutout from the fuselage.

The real Shadow is a bit unstable in yaw, so for test flights I will fly with a rudder extension.

Once I am comfortable with the plane, the extension will be removed.

Here is the final aircraft covered with metallic platinum Monokote.

half_shadow_bottom_tn.jpg (8301 bytes)

slide1_tn.jpg (1798 bytes)

camera_springs_tn.jpg (6694 bytes)   camera_springs_installed_tn.jpg (6601 bytes)    half_shadow_transmitter_tn.jpg (5684 bytes)  

I installed a tiny CCD video camera in the Half Shadow in a ball turret.   The camera is suspended on springs to isolate it from engine vibration and looks out through a hole covered with transparent plastic.  The 500mw 909Mhz video transmitter sits under the wing and the ground plane antenna sticks out the bottom of the fuselage. I have also installed a Futaba PA-2 to help with flying by video downlink only.

shadow_electric_tn.jpg (3102 bytes)

I converted the plane to electric power in May 2007.  It is a brushless outrunner, equivalent in power to the OS 61 that was removed.