Solar Powered Electric Glider

This is the third solar powered plane I have built.  I went to a canard configuration for this one and used the motor and ESC from the first small solar plane I built.

solar_canard_mini_01_tn.jpg (3378 bytes) The completed airframe with the motor and prop.
solar_canard_mini_08_tn.jpg (3476 bytes) Solar cells laying in the bays for a test fit.
solar_canard_mini_02_tn.jpg (3712 bytes) Frame and solar cell layout.
solar_canard_mini_03_tn.jpg (2972 bytes) Four solar cells installed in canard.
solar_canard_mini_06_tn.jpg (3272 bytes) Completed canard and motor.  The open bays are covered with the same mylar covering I used for the first two planes.
solar_canard_mini_07_tn.jpg (3638 bytes) Main wing and tail complete.
solar_canard_mini_04_tn.jpg (3570 bytes) Entire plane ready for flight.  It has an IPS 100 motor, 4 amp ESC, GWS R-4P-II receiver, and 2 Hitec HS-55 servos.
solar_canard_mini_05_tn.jpg (3509 bytes) Another angle.

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