Deck Level Views

All the images here are thumbnails, so click on each image to see a bigger version.

These images show the decking installation and arbor construction.
Here is the layout of joists stretching from the ledger board on the house, across both beams, and cantilevering out past the second beam.  Code in Anne Arundel county allows 2x10 joists to cantilever up to 3 feet, and that is how far these go past the second beam.
The next step was attaching the decking to the joists.  We used Thompson treated 5/4 x 6 decking for the whole deck.
Decking continues...
and continues...
and continues... to the next day ...
and finally all the decking is screwed in.
After all the decking was in place, we trimmed the decking to the final shape of the deck as defined by the rim joists.
Then we added railing and pickets.  The sunbursts are purely decorative, but give the deck a very finished look.
We took a break from construction at this point and bought patio furniture and new grill.  It rained on the 4th of July of course, but was great for the next week.
After restarting construction, the next thing to do was the arbor.  It was initially assembled on the deck as a whole section.  We tried to raise it up as a single piece, but it was far too heavy to lift up over 9 feet.  We took it apart and put it up one piece at a time: 2x6 beams on top of notched out 4x4 posts, 5/4 x 6 decking material for joists, and 2x2 lumber on top of that to strengthen the joists.  The joists next to the house are attached to the house and the outside joists have some crossbracing for added side stength.