RC Flying Fields

US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado: Model Engineering Club RC Field
Dayton, Ohio RC Flying Field:  Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio
Las Vegas, Nevada: Circus-Circus Flying Field, El Dorado Dry Lake, North Las Vegas Municipal Field, Lake Meade Flying Field
Ft. Meade, Maryland: Ft. Meade Parade Field
Huntsville, Alabama: Rocket City RC Field
Sierra Vista, Arizona: Bollin Flying FieldPioneer Airfield, Fort Huachuca
Prince George's County RC Field, Maryland:    PGRC
Remote Control Modelers of Baltimore, Parkton, MD   RCMB

US Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs

The USAFA Model Engineering Club flying field is a 4000 foot runway used part of the time for motor-glider approaches to teach student glider pilots.  Most of the time it is unused and available for the cadets and officers in the club to fly.  Is is also used for UAV and RC engineering projects as part of the academics.

Wright-Patterson AFB Flying Field

The field at Wright-Paterson AFB is an unused full size runway that is used a few times a year to fly aircraft in to the Air Force Museum.  The rest of the year it is open for members of RAMS (Radio Aircraft Modelers Society), the Wright-Patterson AFB remote control club. 

Las Vegas Flying Fields

If you are going to visit Las Vegas and want to fly while there, take a look at the four main fields around town.
We no longer live in Las Vegas, but it is a great place to visit and fly. All four fields are open to the public.

Circus-Circus/Sahara Flying Field (TOC held here)

El Dorado Dry Lake, Boulder City, Nevada

The long distance view of El Dorado dry lake was taken from about 10 miles away on Boulder Highway.

North Las Vegas Municipal Field

Lake Meade Flying Field

The view of the beach at Lake Meade shows the flying field from about 8 miles away from the lake view observation point.

Fort Meade, Maryland

Ft Meade Parade Field

Huntsville, Alabama

Rocket City RC Field

Sierra Vista, Arizona

Bollin Flying Field

Pioneer Airfield, Fort Huachuca
National UAV Training Center
(yes - I have flown RC here too!)

Prince George's County RC Field, Maryland

PGRC_field_tn.jpg (3405 bytes)

Remote Control Modelers Of Baltimore (RCMB), Parkton, MD     
Aerial photos of the field can be seen on this page.

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